Hi, I'm Louis, I build things...

I'm a full stack developer


Front End

Back End

About Me

Hi there, I'm Louis Bougeard, a full stack developer and DevOps specialist based in London. I work for AND Digital as DevOps Lead.

My Skills

Haskell- 70%

Giphy - 80%

Merging Pull Requests - 90%

AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) - 80%

Turning up on time to standup - 10%

Pointless Charts - 100%

Meaning derived from chart - 0%

Effort given in a football match - 110%

Dev Ops- 80%

Amount of my life gone - 30%

How funny is this joke now? - 50%

Me in a red chair

This is the chair I sit in when I work.

Git History

I write code*
* this is an approximation and may actually only be merging of pull requests